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Hi everyone~ Welcome to my Tumblr account. :D I love to express myself through writing. I usually have lots of conversations in my head that I could not even fathom to think aloud. Im hoping this Tumblr account can be a good outlet for me. The thing is, I am sometimes lazy to write or to update. Lol. So I guess I should be holding on to discipline then if I want to be productive. More about me: 20, a.k.a Madam to my friends. I graduated as Magna cum Laude, Bachelor in Broadcast Communication from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. P12.00 per unit, and proud of it. Been a true blue PUPian since 2006, and proud, I must say. I loooove watching. I am always a goner to Asian Dramas, (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese.) I also love KPOP and I ship some of them, VIP. Black Jack. Sones. ELF. And some other fandom I do not know. Lol :D I also love to put make up on. Its like a therapy to me at times. :D Also a fan of local and international cosmetics. Lets stay connected tru my SNS accounts. Thanks! :* xo, Dawn tumblr hit counter
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‎”Kevin , wala akong pnrepare na speech for this. Ang goal ko lang kanina ay hindi madapa habang naglalakad ako sa aisle, wag na yung vow. Joke lang! I want this to be as natural as much as possible. Sorry kung ganito ah?

Alam mo bang Icelot ang nickname ko sayo? You may ask why. Because…….

Nw: #maleficent #angelinajolie ♥

I may not be there before, but hell yeah, im here now. And Im here forever. #4YearsOfOneDirection #CheesyFanGirl @harrystyles @fakeliampayne @zayn_1d @louist91 @niallhoran ♥♥♥

The Bum Who Fell into the Pothole. 
Conversations Between Us by Solangel 
Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Ti Do by Guiyeoni 
He was Musheshuh , Guiyeoni 
A Wolf’s Attraction, Guiyeoni 
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Keys Have Eyes 

Relieving my inner fangirl :)

These are some of my faves from Soompi. My fanfic starters :)

Nagpaparamdam na sya. Natanggal na yung cover ng hole for charger and nagloloko na yung side buttons. Lol. 4 or 5 yrs na ata to. Haha! *ehem* Palitan nyo nga po! Lol. :* #samsungcorby2 #corby2 #samsung #javaphone #oldphones #canaryyellow

Okay so I was contemplating if I will blog domains (again) but I ended up on Tumblr (again). Instead of transferring, I just did some (?) changes on Hinuha’s looks. Hope you like it.

Nice words there, Kimberly. Lol #After #AfterFanfiction #Imaginator1D #hessa #wattpad #boys #fictional #harrystyles #tessayoung

I somewhat kind of wish na sana medyo nahawig sa Korea/Japan or kahit sa iba pang bansa ang sistema ng TV networks dito sa Pilipinas. Ang mga artista, hindi naka tie-in/kontrata sa isang network. Meron silang iba’t ibang independent agency. That’s why they can go across different networks any time they want. Hindi yung kung san lang ang kontrata nila, dun lang sila pwede lumabas. Results? We see the same face over and over again. (Not to mention the same old patterns every drama…) Also, malaki din ang chances ng different pairings every drama. (not that tested chemistry doesnt work as a formula…) Every drama, ibat ibang couples and cast, exploring different type of chemistry and harmoniousness (luh?).

I dont know how a network can make a living out of it, but Im sure they can manage.. (look at SBS, MBC, KBS etc lol)

My kind of sexy bad-ass. Daebak.

NW: Suspect (2013), Gong Yoo & Park Hee Sun

Im watching Suspect now. And now I understand why they are teasing Park Hee Sun about his “image” when they guested on Running Man. Lol