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Hi everyone~ Welcome to my Tumblr account. :D I love to express myself through writing. I usually have lots of conversations in my head that I could not even fathom to think aloud. Im hoping this Tumblr account can be a good outlet for me. The thing is, I am sometimes lazy to write or to update. Lol. So I guess I should be holding on to discipline then if I want to be productive. More about me: 20, a.k.a Madam to my friends. I graduated as Magna cum Laude, Bachelor in Broadcast Communication from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. P12.00 per unit, and proud of it. Been a true blue PUPian since 2006, and proud, I must say. I loooove watching. I am always a goner to Asian Dramas, (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese.) I also love KPOP and I ship some of them, VIP. Black Jack. Sones. ELF. And some other fandom I do not know. Lol :D I also love to put make up on. Its like a therapy to me at times. :D Also a fan of local and international cosmetics. Lets stay connected tru my SNS accounts. Thanks! :* xo, Dawn tumblr hit counter
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Re uploading photos. Credits in the photos.

OMFG. I feel like an irresponsible wifey. Irrersponsible fangirl here. Huhu. Mianhe, oppa. :’<

See you soon jagiya. See you soon, oppa. See you soon, yeobo.

x, Dawn.

x, Wifey